Tinefcon Tablets


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Innovative powerful natural remedy- Safe and non-toxic- Convenient tablet form- Successfully tested in human trials- Manufactured to strict US quality standards- No more messy creams Tinefcon is a mono herbal extract of a plant called Sphaeranthus Indicus. This plant-whose Sanskrit name actually translates to “cuts off” or “wards off”-has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for over a thousand years to alleviate a wide variety of conditions, from fever to rheumatoid arthritis to skin conditions and more. In fact, it’s even been used as a food source in times of famine. So where does Tinefcon fall on this spectrum of remedies. Tinefcon is similar to the biologics in that it works to treat psoriasis from the inside out by affecting a certain type of immune cell (specifically, the TNF-Alpha we mentioned earlier). But unlike many other remedies, Tinefcon provides these benefits in a completely natural formula, at relatively low cost, in a convenient pill