Fentanyl Powder


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So, what makes fentanyl powder so potent and deadly? Well first, the powder is simply the narcotic pain medication fentanyl in a different form. Typically speaking, when fentanyl is used in the proper channels for medical purposes it can be found in lollipops, transdermal patches, tablets, lozenges, nasal sprays, and even injected intravenously by medical professionals in hospital settings. Fentanyl is one of the most potent opiate-based pain medications on the market, notoriously known for being fifty to one hundred times the potency of morphine. It is also 30-50 times more potent than heroin itself, making for some serious side effects if abused.

Needless to say, fentanyl powder is dangerous.

Typically prescribed for only serious medical conditions or after surgery, it can be used as a portion of anesthesia or used to help alleviate pain after surgery. It’s also prescribed to cancer patients with severe chronic pain.

However, in recent years, it’s found a new home: inside different street drugs, primarily heroin.

Sourced from China and Mexico, fentanyl is being used as a cutting agent in heroin to make it “better” by increasing its potency. This is causing a substantial rise in fentanyl powder overdose deaths due to addicts being unaware that the drug is in their heroin, requiring a significantly lower dose for the same effect. On top of that, going through withdrawal for a fentanyl powder addiction can be just as dangerous due to the side effects of stopping cold turkey.